Favorite Villain: Mordred

We know what he’s capable of, and yet we don’t.  We haven’t seen him for two whole seasons; what has he been doing?  He and Merlin parted on the wrongest of terms, and he’s the only villain in Merlin that genuinely feels dangerous—mostly because we know so little about him.  I can imagine he’ll waste no time gloating/smirking evilly or anything the moment he decides to take his revenge.

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There is much written about you that you have yet to read. You should not protect this boy.

Merlin Episodes → 1.08 - The Beginning of the End

The ancient prophecies speak of an alliance. Of Mordred and Morgana. United, in evil. This union must be stopped. Whatever the cost.

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TEN DAY MERLIN CHALLENGE - Day 3: Favourite villain - Mordred.

I think Asa Butterfield is the only person who can play Mordred. He’s an amazing actor.

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